Anxiety and The World I see an increasing number of clients in my practice with anxiety symptoms, anxiety disorders, and panic attacks. There are multiple causes for any mental health disorder, and anxiety is no different. The state of the world over the last few years certainly has not helped. The potential for serious illness, […]

Twisted Communication.

Things have been so busy in my practice the last 2 months. I feel humbled that others trust me with their mental health and recovery. I am in awe of their courage in the face of suffering. The bravery of my clients to reach out and acknowledge their struggles. Their ability to keep going in […]

To Stay or to Leave…

Hard to Stay, Hard to Go I want to take this opportunity to address those living in narcissistic relationships who struggle to decide whether or not to stay or to leave. “It is hard to stay, and it is hard to go” when you love someone with narcissism. I say this all the time to […]

Learning to Be

You are not Your Illness Mental health issues create trauma and noise in a person’s mind and life. Depression, anxiety, PTSD, and trauma all come with a focus and preoccupation on the symptoms. This makes it challenging to live life. People are more than just their mental health disorder. Having depression, anxiety, PTSD, trauma etc. […]

Sleep Hygiene

Challenges to Getting Good Sleep Getting a good night’s sleep can feel like a challenge in our fast paced, stressed-out world. And sleep is a vital function that has profound impacts on physical and mental health. The suggestions below do not address every issue that leads to poor sleep. Please, if your symptoms are severe […]

Loving Someone with Mental Illness

In this post I want to acknowledge the joys and challenges that exist in loving someone that has a mental illness. As well as how to support someone who is reaching out for help. Having a mental illness is challenging!! It is also challenging for loved ones trying to navigate how to best support someone […]

Why Did They Choose Me?

Traits of Those Vulnerable to Narcissists It is all too easy when in recovery from abuse to focus on the actions of the person that hurt us. We relive situations over and over again. Stuck in a loop of trauma, imagining if we said or did something different would the outcome have changed. Reflection serves […]


History of Gaslighting You probably have heard the term gaslighting before and not known exactly what it is. Fun fact! The term began with a movie from 1944 titled “Gaslight.” It starred Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer. The premise of the film is a husband who tries to convince his wife she is insane so […]

Recognizing a Narcissistic Relationship

Narcissistic Traits/Narcissistic Personality Disorder The purpose of this post is to help identify the signs of narcissism in a romantic partner or spouse. The signs can be subtle or obvious depending on the individual and circumstances. Know that someone can exhibit traits of narcissism without fitting the criteria for a personality disorder. Whether a person […]

Trusting Yourself After Narcissistic Abuse

A Cost of the Relationship A major challenge in recovering from narcissistic abuse is learning to trust your own judgment or gut again. Not only your judgement about people and situations, but your judgements about yourself. A consequence of enduring a one-sided reality for any extended period of time is that you start to view […]